Color correction from the film “Joker” – Free LUT.

The film “Joker”, directed by Todd Phillip’s, not only depicts the development of the character, but also surprises with its color gradation, which conveys the tone of the film. If you are interested in what your project would look like, with colors from the Joker in Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve / Final Cut Pro (or any other program with LUT support), I present you a collection of LUTs absolutely free (Bellart LUT and Blakehope LUT).

The archive has two separate LUTs for 2 types of scenes. For frames using sunlight or its reflections, use «Blakehope LUT». The second version of «Bellart LUT» is more suitable for morning scenes, for rooms using fluorescent lamps. Both of these LUTs work with frames literally from any camera: BMPCC, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Lumix, DJI, Red and Arri.

Step 1

So, first things first, if you like to shoot in a flat or neutral profile, let’s adjust the material. You can do this by adding contrast and saturation, change the white balance and twist the midtones. Here is what we get as a result:

Step 2

Apply LUT – “Blakehope LUT”. Because this shot was shot using sunlight. So immediately we can get a result similar to the first scene from the Joker trailer. Now, if necessary, correct the skin tone and send to the render.

Second example

A great second example would be shots taken indoors. In this case, we will use the Bellart LUT. After applying LUT, if your background still looks a little blue, you can use the hue slider to shift to the left to tint it towards neon green. This chart may affect skin tone and make it slightly greener, so skin tones may need to be adjusted. If you have problems understanding what is written above, you can watch the video tutorial with illustrative examples.


The Joker introduced a very interesting color palette this year. I am glad that I was able to easily reproduce the cinematic look of the Joker using these LUTs. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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